Welding and Fabrication

If we cant fix it, We'll build a new one

We offer a full range of Repair welding and Fabrication services for every industry, Do you need a frac manifold skid?  A cast iron housing welded,  An excavator bucket relined? A shaft built up on a worn bearing surface? We can handle it. 

Time and Money

Many times what we find is that the machine shop portion of your project doesn't always speak to the fabrication/welding portion of your project very well. At Normak We have both under one roof, costing you no lost time or money due to miscommunication. Let us take on your next multi Faceted project 


We have the ability to work from Your own designs drawn on napkins to engineered prints, if you ask for input on a project we are glad to help you design and build whatever your attempting, custom industrial machines and equipment to specialized hand tools.